25 Years Ago: TIAMAT release Gaia

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25 Years Ago: TIAMAT release Gaia

It's about nature. It's one of the few songs that is more direct, I think, my personal view of it. We don't like to discuss the lyrics and everything, I think it's more up to the listener.

Johnny Hagel / Tiamat interview, Word of Mouth #3, 1995

TIAMAT released the Gaia EP on this day in 1994.

This EP is more of an extended single released a month after Wildhoney. The songs include radio edits of "Gaia", "The Ar" and "Whatever That Hurts", all from Wildhoney. In addition to an extended version of "Visionaire" and "The Ar" remix, the only new song is a cover of PINK FLOYD's "When You're In".