26 Years Ago: CORONER release Mental Vortex

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26 Years Ago: CORONER release Mental Vortex

"Pale Sister" is about a nun, lyric-wise, and music-wise I can't say a lot. You just have to listen to it and come up with your own interpretation.

Recorded at Sky Trak, Berlin a few months earlier, mixed at Morrisound, Tampa; CORONER released their fourth album on this day in 1991 through Noise Records.

I think we'll stick to Tom Morris for the next one, but it will either be Scott (Burns) or Tom. They're both great and we had such a good experience with those guys. We will definitely record or at least mix again at Morrisound Studios. This is the first time we have been satisfied with the production. If you listen to the old stuff and compare it to this one, you'll see a big, big difference. Hopefully next time it will be even better.
- Marquis Marky / Coroner interview, Pit Magazine #8, 1992

A promo video was shot for the BEATLES cover:

Coroner - I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Beatles cover) (Official video)