26 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Into Infinite Obscurity 26 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Into Infinite Obscurity

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26 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Into Infinite Obscurity

First available as a promo tape from the band, DISSECTION's Into Infinite Obscurity 7" was released by Corpse Grinder Records (Arcveil, France) on this day in 1991.

DISSECTION started before Summer '90 when Jon left RABBITS CARROT, where he was playing guitars. He recruited Ole also from R.C. though he's still on that band. By these times, R.C. was playing shitty Thrash into METALLICA vein, but with the left of Jon, they became to play Death Metal suddenly, extrange isn't it? Just a question of trends!!
The fact is that DISSECTION started to rehearse and they asked to a friend called Peter to play bass. He never played any instrument before, but he accepted!! They played their first show on a festival in Strömstad with ENTOMBED, CADAVER, NOSFERATU and RABBITS CARROT. They recorded two rehearsal trax separately which served them to get a bit known in the underground, but their aim was to record a studio demo in October, being delayed to some problems 'til December and it wasn't mixed until February '91. The demo is called "The Grief Prophecy" and it was recorded on a 16-trax studio. The sound is quite good and the cover is professionally done. The guitar sound is pretty near to RABBITS CARROT and they're basically in the vein of the defunct CARNADE. Jon's voice is totally shreddin' and their music is very heavy and grinding with some fast parts on it. The songs included are "Severed Into Shreds", "The Call Of The Mist" and "Consumed". It's dedicated to Jeff Becerra for his fatal accident.
They've signed with the new French label CORPSE GRINDER Rec. for a 7". They'll enter Sunlight Studios (ENTOMBED, THERION, CARNAGE, DRAK THRONE, etc.) to record three new songs and possibly one of the demo. Recently they've recruited a new guitarist called John Zwetsloot and surely their music will improve a lot.
- Dave Rotten, Drowned Magazine #2, 1991