26 Years Ago: MARDUK release Dark Endless

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26 Years Ago: MARDUK release Dark Endless

MARDUK released their debut full-length album on this day in 1992 through Tomas Nyqvist's No Fashion Records. This is date generally given, but as the interview below shows it may have been delayed.

I send a demo to his zine [Putrefaction], and at the same time he started his label 'No Fashion'. A long time I heard nothing, but then he got in contact and we signed on his label March 1992. We went to the studio in June, but the Lp wasn't released until spring '93, because of several problems with the cover.
- Morgan "Evil" Håkansson / Marduk interview, Witchcraft #2, 1993

The cover was designed by OBSCURITY bassist Daniel Vala.

...we are all very fond of the two first OBSCURITY demo's. Considering the third one, the '92 demo, I really don't know what to think of it. I think the music is very strange and different from what they have done before.
- Marduk interview, Slayer #10, 1994

Swedish black/death - and some extremely violent shit! This band is another member of the Norwegian Inner Circle (based in Sweden), and play totally dark music like all the other members.. (Other Inner Circle members in Sweden include Dissection and Abruptum). Members of this band play for the godly death metal band DARKIFIED (which also has ex-Abruptum members). Eight tracks of ultra aggressive destruction. Outstanding tracks include "Still Dead", "Sun Turns Black as Night", and "Holy Inquisition." They have just released a new full-length on Omose Productions entitled "Those of the Unlight." (I should have it on this issue, but there were printing problems with the first batch.)
- Review from Petrified #2, 1993