26 Years Ago: Mike Torrao's POSSESSED rehearse

Daily Noise - / 2017

26 Years Ago: Mike Torrao's POSSESSED rehearse

Yeah, I was pretty much fed up with everything! It just didn't work out the whole thing but I do kept going 'cause Bob quit and I had some other guys. I did do a demo and stuff with me doing the vocals and lead guitar.
- Mike Torrao / Possessed interview, Soundscape Magazine, 1999

POSSESSED! One of the most important and worshipped bands in extreme metal since the 1984 demo; but their activity came to an abrupt end when Jeff was shot and injured in 1990. The band, with Jeff, at that point was unable to continue but guitarist Mike Torrao gathered some new members and continued as POSSESSED.

Although it really wasn't POSSESSED they were still a cool band. I don't think that Mike was ready to start out from square one again.
- Jeff Becerra / Possessed interview, Voices from the Darkside

The Blood for Blood rehearsal was recorded on this day in 1991. However long the rehearsal was, only this song is available and was released with other '90s-era material as a split with DESECRATION (I believe Bob Yost ex-DESECRATION bassist is with POSSESSED at this point) in 2012.
In October that year they recorded their 1991 demo. Rehearsals continued through 1992 and in 1993 Torrao's POSSESSED released their final demo. They had some label interest but nothing was ever released.

POSSESSED (of any variety) remained silent for another decade. In the early 2000's new releases, collecting older material, began to emerge and in 2007 Jeff Becerra reformed POSSESSED, with new members, and began performing live.