26 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE release As the Flower Withers

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26 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE release As the Flower Withers

At the moment we're working on the LP and we are keeping our new songs a bit of a secret for a while. They will be quite different from the usual Death Metal style though.
- Aaron Stainthorpe / My Dying Bride interview, Mortuary #3, 1992

MY DYING BRIDE released their debut album through Peaceville on this day in 1992.

It's a collection of our feelings and emotions on vinyl. yes, we are happy with it, we went out with the intention not to sound like any other Death / Doom band and I think we achieved that.
- Andy Craighan / My Dying Bride interview, FYAFT #3, 1992

From the Peaceville Newsletter, June 1992:

Things have been slightly hectic releasewise over the last few months with new releases from DARKTHRONE, MY DYING BRIDE, IMPALER, KONG, SONIC VIOLENCE and AUTOPSY. All of these are doing really well with MY DYING BRIDE taking Europe by storm. Their debut album, 'As the Flower Withers' has double the advance orders of any other Peaceville debut including PARADISE LOST and AUTOPSY.
Two of the band have just returned from a press trip to Europe, doing no less than 30 interviews for radio and major press in just over five days. Plans are afoot for a tour later this year with Californian sickoes G.G.F.H. The tour should be something new with one of the weirdest stage shows ever from G.G.F.H.