26 Years Ago: MYSTIFIER release Goetia

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26 Years Ago: MYSTIFIER release Goetia

We don't use make up, breath fire, and everything anymore. This "new" Black Metal "rain" is a shame for the ancient ones. I laugh at, when I hear some of these goth or dark bands calling their soft music of Metal. I don't believe them !! But, the time is my friend. Soon the true Metal worshipers will be tired of them and support the true Metal bands like Mystifier and many others bands that can not show their work because the trendy labels only want to release bands ala Scandinavia (aaaargh!!). But, we have had a good response from all our albums.

Beelzeebubth / Mystifier interview, Apostacia, 1998

MYSTIFIER released their killer second album Göetia on this day in 1993. Total classic of occult metal and a big influence on black/death bands that have emerged in the decades since!

I see the Star of Morning of Intelligence - Venus in every fucking dawn from my window. It is a constructive power for me. The catholic and christian churches are destructives origins for me (fucking dangerous sources of stupidity). Lucifer is the power who controls and balances this dimension, the universe, ourselves.

Beelzeebubth / Mystifier interview, Oldschool Metal Maniac, 2015

Regarding release date: there were a couple of possibilities but mid November seems most likely:

...in May/June '93, entered the studio to record our second album 'Goatia' which contains 10 songs. It was released in November '92 on Cd/Lp. Behemoth left the band soon after that release for familiar problems. Now we are looking for a new second guitarplayer.

Beelzeebubth / Mystifier interview, Witchcraft #3, 1994