26 Years Ago: NECROPHOBIC release The Nocturnal Silence 26 Years Ago: NECROPHOBIC release The Nocturnal Silence

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26 Years Ago: NECROPHOBIC release The Nocturnal Silence

"The Nocturnal Silence" is NOT for the weak, the christians and people with fear for the dark. It contains 9 songs of pure evil and darkness that'll make the sun never rise again!!!

Recorded in March at Sunlight Studio - between CEMETERY's Godless Beauty and AT THE GATES' With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness - NECROPHOBIC released their debut LP on this day in 1993 through Black Mark (home to BATHORY, run by Börje Forsberg).

Necrophobic, Sweden

During our existence, we got a few deals. One from Deaf Rec, already after our first demo, but we decided to wait until we felt ready for such a thing like a deal. We wanted to feel ready, but also to have a name recognized in the underground. We feel that being well known, before you do an album, is quite important. So some time in November 92, I sent out "Unholy..." demo and adv. to "The Call" to Börje Forsberg of Black Mark and he responded me just in two days saying that he wanted to do an album with us. As no other of those "bigger" record companies had shown no interest, we signed with Black Mark in March 1993.

We have signed for just one album and if they like it, they might sign us for more. I can say that this is not a deal we are 100% satisfied with, but remember that we are just a band that has their first record out, so it's "no golden paths" yet, if you know what I mean!? As for the promotion we get the same promotion as the other bands on the label, but we will do a little by ourselves as well. Like flyers and stuff through the mail...

Joakim Sterner / Necrophobic interview, Dark Shivers Magazine #1 1993

Note about the release date: the zine from which all these quotes are taken gives the release date as 26 July 1993. Modern listings give it as 2 August.