26 Years Ago: SEANCE emerge with the Levitised Spirit demo

Daily Noise - / 2017

26 Years Ago: SEANCE emerge with the Levitised Spirit demo

Formed by members of ORCHRISTE and TOTAL DEATH in 1990, SEANCE recorded Levitised Spirit during this month in 1991.

It immediately led to label interest and sold hundreds. Within weeks they were signed to Black Mark and about 10 months later had recorded and released the debut album Fornever Laid to Rest!

The LEVITISED SPIRIT demo made almost everything that we had hoped for come true. Within two weeks after we had sent out the tape, both BLACK MARK and STEAMHAMMER RECORDS (S.P.V.) had contacted us (among others). Later on PEACEVILLE and NUCLEAR BLAST got in touch with us, too. I think that at one time we had twelve interested record companies and five deal offers. We sold 1000 copies without a single flyer. I guess that we could have sold even more tapes, but there was no point in making more demos when we had signed a contract three or four weeks after we released it.

The studio we used was called WUDVERKET (doesn't exist anymore). The problems were like there were no cables where there should have been; and there was no ventilation whatsoever in the drumroom, so Micke got a migraine so bad that he hardly saw any colors at all when we recorded the songs. I had to stand on my knees during the whole recording session; otherwise, I wouldn't have heard my guitar in the monitors. It's a miracle that we managed to record the demo at all, but it turned out okay; and yes, it's the only demo that we've done.
- Seance interview, Exhume #4, 1993