27 Years Ago: AMORPHIS complete Disment of Soul 27 Years Ago: AMORPHIS complete Disment of Soul

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27 Years Ago: AMORPHIS complete Disment of Soul

Recorded over 48 hours at Timo Tapio Tolkki's (STRATOVARIUS) TTT Studio, AMORPHIS completed their debut demo, Disment of Soul, on this day in 1991.

They signed to Relapse soon after and in May 1991 recorded material for the self-titled 7". At least four other songs were recorded during that session, originally intended for a split with INCANTATION (and promoted as such, see Holocaust review below) they were eventually released in 1993 coupled with the self-titled single as Privilege of Evil. INCANTATION's side wasn't released until 2008 as Blasphemous Cremation!

AMORPHIS bio and demo review from Holocaust #5, 1991:

AMORPHIS was formed in late 1990 by ex ABHORRENCE guitarist - Tomi Koivusaari. Just after one month of playing together the guys went into a studio and recorded their first demo. They didn't have too much time for rehearsing, but the result is pretty good, I think... The demo is in the entitled "Disment Of Soul" and includes three songs. Timo wrote 90% of the music, and since he was the main composer for ABHORRENCE too, some similarities beeween these bands are obvious. AMORPHIS alternate great slow parts as well as much fast ones. They also use some synthethiser parts to make the music sounding more frightening. It sounds cool here and there, especially in the last two songs: "Excursing Existence", and "Privilege Of Evil". Really not bad stuff, but I hope their next release will be much better, because now they have much more time for practicing. Watch out for both the new demo and split LP with American INCANTATION that they're gonna do for Relapse Records. It should be ready very soon!!! So far, order the "Disment Of Torment", it is worth adding to your demo collection. $4 if you live in Europe or $5 for the rest of the world.

By 1992 AMORPHIS moved to Sunlight Studios and began recording their debut album, The Karelian Isthmus, that May.