27 Years Ago: ANCIENT RITES release debut demo Dark Ritual

Ancient Rites was formed early '89 and consisted of an entirely different line-up of which I am the only one left. Soon after releasing the "Dark Ritual" demo, Philip (guitars) died in a car accident, Stefan (drums) was fired and committed suicide, Johan (guitars) left the entire metal scene...
- Gunther Theys / Ancient Rites interview, Psicoterror #3, 1996

Recorded at the Seagull Studio in April '90, ANCIENT RITES released their first demo - Dark Ritual - on this day in 1990.

For being our first demo I think "Dark Ritual" was allright, it had a clear sound. However, we don't play all the tracks anymore, 'cause I find some songs too thrash and we're a Death/Black metal band with doomparts. However I still love to play "From Beyond the Grave" very much, everything started with this song, it's our anthem. I know that many copies have been spread worldwide but there were no profit out of it. We're not into this scene for money, if we were we would play another style of music.
- Gunther Theys / Ancient Rites interview, Vital Wound #2, 1992

Fallen Angel & From Beyond the Grave

During the late 70's we used to listen to the likes of Motorhead, Black Sabbath (with Ozzy), Tank, Angelwitch. When Venom released their "Welcome to Hell" back in '81, we immediately related to the whole concept of this style.
- Gunther Theys / Ancient Rites interview, Psicoterror #3, 1996

Some copies included the rocker "Not Anymore" which definitely reflects some of those above influences (with some added Frost!). "Running down the highway / the cops are after me / I ain't got no money left to spend on gasoline."

Not Anymore