27 Years Ago: CANCER release Death Shall Rise 27 Years Ago: CANCER release Death Shall Rise

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27 Years Ago: CANCER release Death Shall Rise

CANCER released their second LP on this day in 1991. Recorded at Morrisound in Florida this album features James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT and others) as session member on lead guitar.

...we were a three-piece when we went over to Morrissound to record that album and James Murphy got thrown out of Obituary for one reason of another right at that same time so we asked him if he would like to do a guest lead on the album for us. We liked the way it turned out, so we said why don't you do all the leads and come out on tour with us, and he said OK. He was with us for about eight months or so but he really wanted to put together his own band so after the tour he left and we found Barry who we feel will be with us for the duration.
...We were playing at the Milwaukee Metal Fest two years ago and when we came off the stage Ron Garret from Restless records came up to us and offered us a contract for licensing in the U.S. and we said OK. We've been very happy with them so far. We were able to sell almost 60,000 copies of Death Shall Rise worldwide with their help.
- Carl Stokes / Cancer interview, Sounds of Death zine #3, 1993