27 Years Ago: DEICIDE Live & Pissed in Bradford 27 Years Ago: DEICIDE Live & Pissed in Bradford

Daily Noise - / 2017

27 Years Ago: DEICIDE Live & Pissed in Bradford

Deicide full live set, Bradford, 1990

Best-era DEICIDE live in Bradford on this day in 1990. Part of the Sacrificial Tour which started in Dublin at the end of November and finished in Switzerland at the end of December.

The gig has a heightened intensity from the start as Benton's bass had been stolen that evening. It resulted in an angry and hostile performance which infected the rabid (and probably impatient) crowd. A frantic and powerful concert!

Glen Benton has offered a reward of $1000 for the return of his beloved white BC Rich 'Stealth' bass guitar after it was stolen at a UK show in 1990. Glen has been contacted on several occasions by someone claiming to know the person who made off with the bass at the Bradford Rio's show nine years ago. The guy maintains that he has seen the guitar and it is in the same condition as it was when it was first stolen. To encourage the recovery of the bass whilst they are in London, for a show at the LA2 on 14th February, Glen has offered the reward with the provision that it is returned in its original condition. It was his favourite bass and he is very keen to get it back after all this time.