27 Years Ago: DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA release Expositionsprophylaxe

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27 Years Ago: DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA release Expositionsprophylaxe

We are absolutely not satisfied with our releases so far. Most of all because of the sound. As for the new album "Expositionsprophylaxe" I must say that this is our best release so far and shows what DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA are all about. It could have been better soundwise, but compared to our earlier releases it's excellent.
- Patrick Klopf / Disharmonic Orchestra interview, Isten #5, 1990

DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA released their debut album - Expositionsprophylaxe - through Nuclear Blast on this day in 1990.

Recorded in Dust-Studio/Germany, one of the two guys running that studio used to be member of a metal band named Angel Dust.
For one song (Inexorable Logic) he suggested Pat to try out shouting out the last word in the vein of some kinds of 80s-Heavy Metal bands. After trying this Patrick had to laugh out loud about his own voice. We then decided to leave that fun part on the recording, with the result that most people thought this was some purposed evil laughter...
- Martin Messner / Disharmonic Orchestra interview, Prog Archives, 2010

We listened to different metal genres as well as to some hardcore bands. As kids we were fans of many of those NWOBHM bands. When I first met Patrick we were sitting in the same bus on the way to an Iron Maiden show (their first one in Austria).
Two important bands for me worth being mentioned are Voivod and Nomeansno - musically far apart but both had this very unique style standing for its own.
Bands like Celtic Frost and Possessed might have played an important role in our musical socialization. Some of our input might have come from trading tapes. Master, Death, Slaughter, DRI, Attitude Adjustment... and so many more. We (a small bunch of people in our town) were collectors, sometimes accepting really sh*tty sound just to have a 3rd copy of some low fi demo-, live-, or rehearsal recording.
We always looked for music off the mainstream but it must say, that none of us ever had a problem with listening to popular or sometimes classical and jazzy music.
My very first record was a Blondie LP.
- Martin Messner / Disharmonic Orchestra interview, Prog Archives, 2010