27 Years Ago: DISSECTION complete The Grief Prophecy debut demo

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27 Years Ago: DISSECTION complete The Grief Prophecy debut demo

Well, after I left thrash-bore band RABBIT's CARROT in the beginning of Feb '90, I've always been planning to form a band which play in my musical direction. I asked an old friend of mine, Peter, and RABBIT's drummer Ole "Grodan" to join, and so they did. We started to work on a couple of songs and rehearsed, but then the summer came, and Peter went on his well-earned vacation, then it was time for me to go to England...it was totally impossible to rehearse. Anyway, when I got home from England we started to rehearse intensely, but then Ole had the luck of getting his arm broken (sorry-bad luck that was.-ed). Shit, this was disaster!!! This meant that we couldn't rehearse for another month! Well, now we're back and everything seems to work out fine, so hopefully we'll record our debutdemo in October '90. It'll contain 3 songs of melodic disco (????), so hold your eyes and ears open. The line-up at the moment is: Peter-bass, Jon-vocals/guitar, Ole "Froggy"-drums and Mappe-guitar (session guitarist).

Jon Nödtveidt / Dissection interview, Never Believe #1, 1990

Recording was delayed a couple of months, eventually taking place at Strömstad Studios in December 1990. DISSECTION's debut demo, The Grief Prophecy, was then mixed and completed on this day in 1991.

Released on tape by the band ($4 europe, $5 elsewhere) with artwork by Necrolord and was dedicated to Jeff Becerra (POSSESSED).

The debut demo "The Grief Prophecy" of this Swedish death metal band is finally out!!! 3 bestial tracks and one intro. Let the sounds of pure unholiness swallow your soul. Send $5 (everywhere) to...