27 Years Ago: IMMORTAL record a demo 27 Years Ago: IMMORTAL record a demo

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27 Years Ago: IMMORTAL record a demo

...we have always been into the dark side of music and that's why we played Dark Death Metal in the beginning, because then we thought that it was obscure, dark and evil. The thing is that when there came a thousand more bands it was not interesting anymore, and there were no evil mood left. Even the stupid kids in our neighborhood play this music. We don't want to be compared to little kids. I hate children, especially when they play this music it is so bloody irritating.
- Demonaz Doom Occulta / Immortal interview, Slayer #9, 1992

IMMORTAL recorded their first and only demo on this day in 1991 at Gamle Slaktehuset.

OLVE: Our debut lp will come, but for the moment we have to rehearse a lot, because we wount enter the studio before everything is perfect. No titlefor the moment.
HARALD: Well, we will first record a promotape just for the labels wich are interested in us, and then we will take the best offer and record our debut LP later this year, it shall be ultra brutal!
HARALD: Yes, we only have new songs..Tracks such as "Suffocate the masses", "Lost Salvations", "Enslaved in rot", "Left on the stake" + a lot more stuff we're working on at the moment.
- Immortal interview, Putrefaction #5, 1991

The demo is variously known as Immortal, Suffocate, Suffocate the Masses, and The Northern Upins Death (or by the misreading, ...Upir's Death).

Within a few months IMMORTAL had recorded and released the self-titled EP on Listenable. In April 1992 they recorded Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism.

Me and Abbath kicked out Jørn [Tunsberg - HADES, HADES ALMIGHTY] because he didn't want to play the same stuff as us. It took some time to realize that he didn't fit into the band... After he was out of the band, me and Abbath had more control and we could do what we always wanted, to play evil music. Simple, isn't it?
- Demonaz Doom Occulta / Immortal interview, Slayer #9, 1992

All old stuff are history yes, only pure black evil metal are there for us now!!
- Demonaz Doom Occulta / Immortal interview, Daemonium Aeturnus #2, 1992