27 Years Ago: INCUBUS rehearse in Tampa, FL

Daily Noise - / 2017

27 Years Ago: INCUBUS rehearse in Tampa, FL

UPDATE: Many thanks to Mark LaVenia for writing to correct the details below! The bassist in this video is a different Mark:
"The Mark in the video jammed with the Howard brothers for a period, but was never a formal member. I do see my amp and RAT pedal in the foreground, so this is the same period when I was playing with them, but that is not me."
Here's a great 2009 interview with Mark (LaVenia) which goes into detail about his time in INCUBUS.

Recorded on this day in 1990, shortly after recording their second album Beyond the Unknown at Morrisound Recordings earlier in the month.

They play two songs, both from their first album Serpent Temptation, "Sadistic Sinner" and "The Battle of Armageddon". The second half is a video interview.

Lineup: Francis M. Howard (vocals, guitar), Moyses M. Howard (drums), and new bassist Mark LaVenia who joined just after Beyond the Unknown was recorded replacing Scott Latour.