27 Years Ago: PHLEBOTOMIZED record Devoted to God 27 Years Ago: PHLEBOTOMIZED record Devoted to God

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27 Years Ago: PHLEBOTOMIZED record Devoted to God

Are you sick of plain death/doom-metal? Well, we've got the cure... PHLEBOTOMIZED. Heavy, melodic death-metal with a difference !!! A combination with keyboards completes the PHLEBOTOMIZED-sound into a symphonic happening. First demo "DEVOTED TO GOD" is available in holland for fl 10,- and fl 2,50 in stamps or remit fl 12,50 on giro acvcount [...]
Elsewhere "DEVOTED TO GOD" is available for DM 10,- 200 Bfr $6,- and 1 IRC. Zines should send a blank tape and 2 IRC's.

Dutch avant-garde death/doom band PHLEBOTOMIZED completed recording their first demo, Devoted to God, at Het Pand, Vlaardingen on this day in 1992.

Studio Het Pand was nearby our hometowns. We knew he had experience with metal bands and to us that was the most important thing. We made the right decision because Frits made us feel comfortable and he had a clear vision about how we wanted to sound. It was important to me because I was a rooky. He helped me with my sound in means of heaviness and clearness.

It was our first experience and we knew right away that we didn’t want it to be the last. It was great. The band was based on friendship, so we had the time of our lives. We heard our music come alive from something that was originated from someone’s mind to something you could play in your stereo. A dream came true. What is the original pattern of recording? We always recorded the drums and the rhythm guitars first such as most metal bands do. Later on we added the bass, second guitar, keys, leads, twins and vocals.

Tom Palms / Phlebotomized interview, Darkside, 2006

The earliest of their official releases, the only earlier material is a July 1991 live tape.

Phlebotomized - Devoted to God

In September 1992 Malodorous Mangled Innards Records released In Search of Tranquillity 7", which contained the recordings from Side A of this demo.

These are the same tracks. The A-side of the demo is the same as the 7-inch. Except on vinyl the songs somehow sound different, the keyboards are more present. Maybe the tracks were remastered for the single?

Dennis Geestman / Phlebotomized interview, Darkside, 2006

PHLEBOTOMIZED continued to develop the songs on this demo (including the introduction of violin), re-recording some for the 1993 mini-album Preach Eternal Gospels, and again for their debut album, Immense Intense Suspense, in 1994.