28 Years Ago: ANATHEMA complete An Iliad of Woes 28 Years Ago: ANATHEMA complete An Iliad of Woes

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28 Years Ago: ANATHEMA complete An Iliad of Woes

Recorded at M.A. Studios over a long weekend, ANATHEMA began recording on Friday 23 November and completed their debut demo on this day (a Sunday) in 1990.

At the same time, MY DYING BRIDE were recording their debut demo at Revolver Studios (they started on Saturday).

An Iliad of Woes review (mostly about the second demo) from Holocaust zine #5 1991:

ANATHEMA is an young, but very promising Death Metal outfit from UK.... They were previously called PAGAN ANGEL. In November '90 they change the name into ANATHEMA and entered the studio to record their first demo. It was a 4 tracker entitled "An Iliad Of Woes" that went round the scene thanks to tapetrading. In May '91 the second demo "All Faith Is Lost" was released. I prefer to talk about this one, because it's newer and better. Hey! Note that I didn't say the first demo is bad!!!! No way! It still fucking crushes! But the second tape is much more better. KILLER!!!! The music is slow, very slow, gloomy and doomy with interesting lead guitar creating great nostalgic/romantic moods. Yeah, the lead guitar is what I like most in the ANATHEMA's music... Along with the vocals. They are very heavy and deep. Some moments can remind you of PARADISE LOST, but the whole thing sounds pretty original. Headcrushing stuff!!! Grinding Death!!! "All Faith is Lost" contains 4 songs and each one is more than five minutes long. The tape is obtainable for $ 5 (everywhere). GET IT NOW! You won't be disapointed, I promise!