28 Years Ago: BAPHOMET release The Dead Shall Inherit

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28 Years Ago: BAPHOMET release The Dead Shall Inherit

All of our music is going to be fast and heavy with the same writing style of the 7 inch with the songs having a lot of quick tempo changes. The two tracks on the 7" will be on the album but played a little faster, and without any guitar solos, we have decided not to have any. Some new song titles are "Boiled In Blood", "Animation of the Dead", "Infection of Death", and others are: "Sanguinary", "Unexpected Interment", "The Unholy", "Autopsy", and "Broken Crypt".

The Death Metal movement is picking up great, more people are getting into it and supporting the scene which is needed everywhere. There are a lot of bands out there but I don't think it has reached its peak yet. A lot of bands are getting signed but the scene is growing with it, so it's not really saturated or at its peak yet.

Gary Schipani / Baphomet interview, Isten #5, 1990

Buffalo, NY death metal. BAPHOMET's debut LP The Dead Shall Inherit was recorded in 1990 and originally scheduled for release through Deaf Records in December 1990 / early 1991. After several delays the title was moved to Deaf's parent label Peaceville and released on this day in 1992.

Not long after the release of The Dead Shall Inherit BAPHOMET were forced to change their name and became BANISHED in 1993.

We sent a ten song promo to Peaceville and Deaf Records responded. Peaceville is a good label. They do what they can for their bands. But until Peaceville took us over, Deaf held off our release for a year and a half. Then Peaceville took us over and we had to change the name. So, things haven't gone right for us at all. There's always a problem. So with the new name, Peaceville and ourselves are starting from step one over again.

Gary Schipani / Baphomet interview, Ripping the Soil #1, 1993