28 Years Ago: CARCASS Live at ULU

Daily Noise - / 2017

28 Years Ago: CARCASS Live at ULU

CARCASS live on this day in 1989 at the University of London Union. One song from this set ended up on a 1990 7" titled St. George's Hall, Bradford 15/11/89.

Miles Hackett has a great write-up of the night here. Other bands that night (A Night of Rock n' Roll Armageddon) were INTENSE DEGREE, BOLT THROWER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR and NAPALM DEATH. Later in the year CARCASS, BOLT THROWER and NAPALM DEATH were joined by MORBID ANGEL for the great November Earache "Grindcrusher" tour.

Track listing:

Crepitating Bowel Erosion
Excreted Alive
Pungent Excruciation
Reek of Putrefaction
Fermenting Innards
Slash Dementia
Genital Grinder
Regurgitation of Giblets
Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment