28 Years Ago: DANZIG release II

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28 Years Ago: DANZIG release II

Danzig - Her Black Wings

DANZIG released II on this day in 1990.

Danzig - Devil's Plaything

From the November 1990 New York Times "Dark Metal: Not Just Smash and Thrash" article:

Unlike the younger dark-metal performers, Glenn Danzig was already active during the punk era of the middle and late 70's as singer and songwriter for the Misfits, a band that combined pop melodies, hard guitar riffing, punk speed and imagery from the grade-B horror films beloved by so many of these musicians. Samhain, his next band, drew its name and much of its imagery from pre-Christian Celtic mythology. Danzig, the band, made its debut last year with an album that seemed in some ways a step backward to more conventional heavy metal. But the recently released "Danzig II: Lucifuge" is a quantum leap for the band and its founder.

Mr. Danzig possesses one of the most glorious voices in rock, a full-throated baritone that can purr or roar as the occasion demands. This makes the persona he often assumes in his lyrics, that of evil incarnate, all the more powerful and believable. Mr. Danzig has said he perceives church and state as evils that have co-opted the image of goodness and righteousness. If church and government are good, Mr. Danzig seems to say in his songs, he is more than willing to be branded as evil.

Danzig - Killer Wolf (dir. Anton Corbijn)