28 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Soulside Journey

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28 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Soulside Journey

How we got the deal was a fuckin' dream ! We just sent a tape to our fave company, Peaceville and 3 weeks later we got a letter saying that they wanted to sign us. We're recording the album in Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. The same place as Entombed recorded theirs. We're doing this in august and our debutalbum/CD/cassette "Soulside Journey" will be out in january 1991. The producers will be the same as Entombed had namely Uffe and Nicke of Entombed and the owner of the studio. I don't wanna tire you with the titles.

Gylve Nagell (Fenriz) / Darkthrone interview, Never Believe #1, 1990

DARKTHRONE released their classic debut album, Soulside Journey, on this day in 1991.

If we should limit ourselves concerning our future material, I think we would be idiots, because that's just not a thing you do. We will keep evolving, getting better playing our instruments, but on the upcoming 4 albums I guess our riffs won't change that much. Our structure may become more complex or something, but I really can't guarantee anything. The album will contain one song from "Thulcandra" demo, called "Eon" (the only song listenable from that shit demo), 2 songs from the "Cromlech" demo, and 3 new songs; heavier, more complex, and better notes in some of the riffs. Hear for yourselves when our debut album "Soulside Journey" will be out (in early 1991). We'll also release a maxi single, and we'll have a cover tune ready for a comp. Lp for covers tunes on Peaceville.

Hank Amarillo (Fenriz) / Darkthrone interview, Isten #5, 1990

We play weird unorthodox music, no verses, no chorus. We play a horror soundtrack and if we played this with other instruments (cello, synth, french horns, violins) it would be labeled as classical music, but we play death metal sound, so it sounds like death metal. We also have influences from PARADISE LOST, NECROFAGIA, MORBID ANGEL, AUTOPSY, BLACK SABBATH and NOCTURNUS. Still we have very original song structures. Lyrics? I could talk for hours about this, calling it this or that, but it's not right. So I'll just say that my lyrics are Satanic poetry!!
It's called "Soulside Journey" and the release date is 28 January 1991. It is got 10 songs, one bonus song from our second demo on the CD. 3 songs from our Cromlech demo is on the album, and the rest are new songs. It is recorded in the same studio used by ENTOMBED. The sound is heavy. Our record company Peaceville is great!! Hammy is shitcool, and all the guys have been nice to us. A dream label!!

Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Blasphemous #1, 1991