28 Years Ago: FORBIDDEN release Twisted into Form (Bay Area Thrash)

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28 Years Ago: FORBIDDEN release Twisted into Form (Bay Area Thrash)

We'll begin with FORBIDDEN EVIL in 1988, we did a lot of touring and everything went well. Next, we did TWISTED INTO FORM, then everything went well again. However, somebody wanted to put us in the studio instead of keeping us on tour when TWISTED INTO FORM was far from dead and we fought against it and got out of our album contract. Which we both wanted. Especially us...
We wanted to stay out on the road for an additional 4 to 6 months. For, we had a long way to go with TWISTED INTO FORM and it was doing real well. They wanted us to go back into the studio immediately to do what TESTAMENT did (write an album really fast and put one out and who cares if it's good or not, just put one out). We said NO we're not going to do that because all they want are album sales. They didn't care about how good the music quality was! So, we held off and they gave us our wish by saying, "you owe us nothing".
- Craig Locicero / Forbidden interview, Inner Source #3, 1994

FORBIDDEN released their second album, Twisted into Form, on this day in 1990. It was their last on Combat Records (Under One Flag in the UK).

I know we found ourselves fired from Combat [records] and we had to get another record label. We wrote the whole time.
- Russ Anderson / Forbidden interview, Maelstrom, 2001

Whether they were fired or quit; after leaving Combat, FORBIDDEN spent the next few years demoing material while looking for a new label. In 1994 they signed with Germany's GUN Records - home to bands like RAGE, GRAVE DIGGER and KREATOR around that time - and released two albums, Distortion (1994) and Green (1997).
Despite lineup changes - which has affected the band since their first album - they have reformed in the years since Green and in 2010 released Omega Wave.

Kent Mathieu designed the cover artwork for Twisted into Form. He also designed the Forbidden Evil, Distortion and Omega Wave covers. You'll also find his art on sleeves by POSSESSED (The Eyes of Horror), VERBAL ABUSE, and AUTOPSY!