30 Years Ago: AUTOPSY record Critical Madness demo

Daily Noise - / 2018

30 Years Ago: AUTOPSY record Critical Madness demo

The key to the real heaviness was getting the two guitar attack going. The first demo was a great start, but we of course wanted things to be more brutal and saw to it that we made that happen. Song-wise, there's not any difference on the first demo, mainly we just needed another guitar to fill it out and a heavier production as well. "Critical Madness" had a real explosive sound which fit the mood quite well.
- Chris Reifert, Voices from the Darkside

AUTOPSY recorded their 1987 demo at ATR Studios, Lafayette CA and returned in July the next year to record Critical Madness. The three-song demo was completed over two days, finishing on this day in 1988.

Autopsy, 1989

Jeff Walker of CARCASS had copies of both tapes and recommended them to Peaceville's Hammy. A deal was quickly signed.
AUTOPSY entered Starlight Sound in January 1989 and recorded 11 songs, including new versions of all three from this demo. The legendary LP Severed Survival was released that April.