30 Years Ago: AUTOPSY release Mental Funeral

Daily Noise - / 2021

30 Years Ago: AUTOPSY release Mental Funeral

We're gonna record it in November, about the same time the EP comes out. It'll come out in February. So November we'll have the EP and then February we'll have the new album. The album'll be called 'Mental Funeral'.

Eric Cutler / Autospy interview, Deathcheese #1, 1991

In the end dates were pushed back. The Retribution for the Dead EP, recorded September 1990, was released in February, followed by AUTOPSY's second album - Mental Funeral, recorded towards the end of November - on this day in 1991 through Peaceville.

Mental Funeral continued the crawling pace and doom atmosphere that was always there but really defined the Retribution... EP.

Yeah, listening to lots of TROUBLE, SAINT VITUS and the first CANDLEMASS album helped shape the doomy side of things. We played those albums to death. They still crush to this day! Plus the alcohol intake was really getting heavy, and we didn't give a fuck what people were going to think about what we were doing. As long as it was heavy, we were pleased.

Chris Reifert / Autopsy interview, Voices from the Darkside