30 Years Ago: CADAVER release Hallucinating Anxiety 30 Years Ago: CADAVER release Hallucinating Anxiety

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30 Years Ago: CADAVER release Hallucinating Anxiety

We recorded on a 4 track cassette player. We had no budget so it turned out a little strange. It was mixed in a big studio, but everything is in mono. The cover was put together by Earache. We wanted something else, but it's cool now anyways. Carcass signed us, so I don't think they wanted us to look like them.

Anders Odden / Cadaver interview, Nocturnal Cult, 2004

CADAVER released their debut album, Hallucinating Anxiety, on this day in 1990 through Earache imprint Necrosis.

...[Jeff Walker (Carcass)] got a rehearsal tape from me in July 1989 and offered us a deal right away to his label, Necrosis Records. We immediately started to write more songs and rehearse to record Hallucinating Anxiety - and by the time we delivered the master tape, Carcass and their Symphonies of Sickness did so well that they sold their label to Earache. This is how we ended up there. As this led to a long delay for the album to get released, my only regret is that we didn't record it all in the autumn of 1990, as we became a much better band fast - but what was done was done.

Anders Odden / Cadaver interview, Eternal Terror, 2019

Most of the material on the vinyl and cassette editions of Hallucinating Anxiety was released a month prior as a split with CARNAGE. This split does not include the song "Hypertrophyan", which was originally intended as CADAVER's contribution to the Grindcrusher II compilation.