30 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Land of Frost

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30 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Land of Frost

Yes this tape is very different from our current style, and no, I don't consider it part of Darkthrone!!! That kind of goes for "Thulcandra" too, but we spread it in over 200 copies, so I guess (sadly) that it is part of our history which many will remember us for. Don't do that!!! We don't play that thrash metal anymore.
- Gylve (Fenriz) / Darkthrone interview, Deathvomit #2, 1990

Land of Frost is embryonic DARKTHRONE, but historically significant as their first recording.

Yeah, our first demo "Land Of Frost" was of course recorded before we should, but it also HAD to be done - we don't really PLAN things in this band, we follow our hearts and do stuff when we need to do them. So I was ashamed of this demo at once we had made our next recording "Snowfall" and so on. In '89 I just got rid of my copy of "Land Of Frost", I didn't want to hear it anymore. I had always a copy of "Snowfall", but the other demos was also gone from my house in around '91.
- Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Metal Inside, 2009

The tape, with xerox cover, some on light blue stock, was released during this month in 1988.

When we started DARKTHRONE, I think I was influenced by SEPULTURA and CELTIC FROST, and I wrote all the songs. This was a big mistake. I do not wish to talk about it, I just urge everyone to forget our earlier demos...
- Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Isten #5, 1990

Lineup for this demo:
Gylve (Fenriz), Ivar (Zephyrous), Dag, Anders.

We started out in x-mas of 1987 with a guitarist that quit after three months to be replaced by our current lead guitarist Ted. That's all, this line-up won't split!!! I mean, me and Ivar for instance, have played together for three years now. We know each others style, and we like what the other members play! When it comes to music style changes, we've always had them. We started out with the first shirt demo, which was truly, utterly bad death/thrash metal. "Thulcandra" was almost pure wierd thrash metal and we all fucking hate it!
- Gylve (Fenriz) / Darkthrone interview, Deathvomit #2, 1990

Ted (Nocturno Culto) joined DARKTHRONE in June of 1988. They recorded their second demo, A New Dimension, that October.

We formed Darkthrone in 1987, december. The older tapes fuckin' sucks! That goes for "Thulcandra" aswell! It's just not good! We are very ashamed of those releases and we urge all readers who've heard them to forget 'em!
- Gylve (Fenriz) / Darkthrone interview, Never Believe #1, 1990