30 Years Ago: DEVISER record Forbidden Knowledge

Daily Noise - / 2020

30 Years Ago: DEVISER record Forbidden Knowledge

There is no music direction and no specific sense of style. We are playing with a simply, truly and clearly way. The style is affected differently by each member influences. Don't forget that Deviser started as a one man project band in 1989 by Matt Hnaras in island of Crete and 4 years later the band became a full line up band. So, as you can understand, it's logic to have different influences and the sound of Deviser changes from time to time!!

Deviser interview, Occult Black Metal Zine, 2016

DEVISER recorded their debut demo, Forbidden Knowledge, on this day in 1990.

...back in 1990 we released forbidden knowledge demo, two tracks includes in this tape unnatural evolution and magled torso. Matt h. played guitars, bass and vocals, Thanos (varatron) played drums and Perris from Asfyx played guitar, synths, vocals.

Nick Christogiannis / Deviser interview, Metal Centre, 2003