30 Years Ago: ENTOMBED release Uprising

Daily Noise - / 2020

30 Years Ago: ENTOMBED release Uprising

It seems like everybody really think it's a great album. It got really good reviews from both fans and 'zines. And that's great of course, as we are really happy about the album. There's not much that we wanna change on it, maybe some small things that could have been done different, but that's the same with every album. I think it's the best album we've done since "Wolverine Blues".
Uffe wrote most of the songs, I wrote "The itch", "Something out of nothing" and "Won't back down" and Peter wrote the music for "In the Flesh". I wrote the lyrics for my songs and Uffe wrote the lyrics for his songs, then me and Uffe wrote "In the Flesh" together.

Jörgen Sandström / Entombed interview, Voice of Reason, 2000

ENTOMBED released their sixth album, Uprising, on this day in 1990 through Music for Nations.

Uprising followed their divisive fifth LP, Same Difference.

When bands go off course and make a different record, possibly a record outside of what they have done before, it just gives them the initiative to make the next record better. And that is what we did with Uprising. We weren't going to throw in the towel because people hated Same Difference. No way! We just kept rolling along and turning our Entombed music.

L.G. Petrov / Entombed interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 2002

The sixth song is a cover of "Scottish Hell" originally recorded by Houston crossover band DEAD HORSE for their 1989 LP Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming.