30 Years Ago: EVICTION release The World is Hours Away

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30 Years Ago: EVICTION release The World is Hours Away

Eviction are a Crossover band out of Pittsburgh, PA. They are a very good Crossover band in the vein of Crumbsuckers, only much better, and not so lame. The vocals sound like the original Crumbsuckers singer. Musically they play well arranged Hardcore with a Thrash style. Live they sound even more like a Thrash band. Their songs are not mindless, idiotic Hardcore songs that so many other bands write. I may not be the biggest fan of Crossover, but I give Eviction credit for doing it very well.

Each member of Eviction has different influences which is why their music is so versatile. Some of their influences are: Misfits, Ramones, Excel, Leeway, Metallica, old Maiden, D.R.I., Trouble, Riot, Death, Dark Angel (yeah!!!, ed.), and Crumbsuckers. Rob writes most of the music and they all contribute lyrics, although Rob and Ron have written the majority of the newer material. Their song topics include cocaine addition and the problems it leads to, struggling with society, and they even have a song written about the movie "The River's Edge". They are presently being looked at by several labels, and they hope to be signed after the release of their second demo, "I'm Never Happy".

Eviction bio, Ed Farshtey, The Book of Armageddon #4, 1989

Look in the mirror, tell me what you see...
Our world's destroyed for you and me!

Pittsburgh crossover thrash. EVICTION released ther only album, The World Is Hours Away, on this day in 1990 through Metal Blade / Death Records.