30 Years Ago: FUNEBRE record Cranial Torment

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30 Years Ago: FUNEBRE record Cranial Torment

We have big laughs about it, it's so primitive! But doesn't almost everyone kind of progress in the songwriting area as the time goes on? I don't what's the attitude towards Samppa and Seppo, but I suppose their feelings are the same. I've never asked what they think about our new style, isn't is more important that you're satisfied with it yourself! As for the sounds, it IS too much on the bass side (you're not the first who noticed that!). The studio wasn't exactly the right place to do it at, there was no experience with Death Metal sounds, which isn't very rare in the Finnish studio business. The only thing that I liked was the cheap, almost free, price. Also I liked the convenience and co-operation between us and the studio engineer, he's a really nice guy indeed. Some trouble started when our guitars were low tuned and we did the test recordings, the guitar got out of tune, 'cos it didn't have top locks on the neck. So we just tuned higher and put a lot of bass to make it more brutal. The bass sound was a murmur, too obscure with distortion. We were pleased with the result in the studio, but when we got home... you can what, can't you?

Ertzy / Funebre interview, Isten #5, 1990

Finnish death metal. FUNEBRE recorded their debut demo, Cranial Torment, over a weekend in Horto's Studios in Salo. They completed work on this day in 1989. Self-released by the band on cassette.

Soon after this recording FUNEBRE split. Esa and Jari quickly found new members and reformed in 1990.

The burial of the dismal dead!!! A no longer alive; benumbed; obsolete; extinguished band known as Funebre stalks its prey!!!
Funebre are now influenced into a heavier direction of bands such as Paradist Lost, Carnage, Carcass, Nihilist / Entombed. The demo though is most closely related to the likes of Nihilist!!! It contains five tracks: "Cranial Torment", "Necropolis Decomposure", "Brainspoon", "Carbonized", and "Leprophiliac". The production isn't very good and the bass overrides the sound, but who cares? Not me!!! Anyone interested in obtaining this "Cranial Torment" demo can order it for $5!!! Zines, radiostations, etc. can send a blank tape for the demo along with postage!!! I sense something very eerie in the air!!

Deathvomit #2, 1990