30 Years Ago: MORBID release December Moon

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30 Years Ago: MORBID release December Moon

The moon was full, and this demo were done at 5th and 6th December 87 anno satanas and it took 16 hours.

MORBID recorded December Moon over those 16 hours at Thunderload Studio in Stockholm. First released by the band themselves as a demo tape, with artwork by Dead, limited to who knows how many, during this month in 1987.

L.G. and I met Sandro of Mefisto at the only kebab place that existed in Stockholm at that time, and he brought us to Thunderload Studio. He convinced us to record there, and we eventually saved up the money to afford it. I think it cost us 2,600 SEK [$350], a lot of money for a bunch of teenagers in those days. Anyway, I brought my small Peavey amplifier and we recorded it in no time. We were pretty satisfied with the result, although I thought the unmixed version sounded much rawer and better. But we were very young, and didn't dare tell the somewhat older guy in the studio that his mix just ruined things.
- Uffe Cederlund, Excerpt from Swedish Death Metal by Daniel Ekeroth

And the defects are:

Dead: Lead and back. vocals (Per Yngve Ohlin - MAYHEM)
Napoleon pukes: Guitar, B. vox (Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund - NIHILIST, ENTOMBED)
John Lennart: Guitar, B. vox (John Hagström)
Dr: Schitz: Ass Bass (Jens Näsström)
Drutten: Drums, B. vox (L-G Petrov - NIHILIST, ENTOMBED)

On this demo we used NO synths!

When I joined Morbid, we restructured the old songs and started to get slightly serious. We only did one gig during this time, with Hatred and Tribulation at Birkagården. I remember that L.G. sent an anonymous threatening letter to Hatred before the gig, complaining about their 'lame' vocals. They found out somehow that it was him sending it, and it was pretty embarrassing to play the gig after that. Pelle, Jens, and John were pretty upset with L.G. for that. They were in fact about to sack him.
- Uffe Cederlund, Excerpt from Swedish Death Metal by Daniel Ekeroth

Morbid c/o
Dülf Cederlund
Mästarbacken [old address]
[old address] Hägersten

Send info about:
What the fuck
Where the fuck
When the fuck
And specially how to fuck!

John left immediately after the recording, probably because he was sick of traveling from Åkersberga to Nacka, where we rehearsed. We tried a few guitarists after that, but it never worked out. We continued as a four-piece, and did a few gigs at punk places without the horror show. It worked pretty well, but I think all of us felt that the band had in reality already folded. Eventually Pelle left for Mayhem, and to me, Morbid was no more after that. Despite continuing with another singer and guitarist, the true Morbid was over.
- Uffe Cederlund, Excerpt from Swedish Death Metal by Daniel Ekeroth

Belgian label Reaper Records first remastered and reissued the demo as a 12" in 1994 with cover artwork by Kris Verwimp. In 2000 they released a CD version of the 1994 remaster with the more familiar artwork by Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin.

The opening scream on "Wings of Funeral" is taken from The Evil Dead (clip below).