30 Years Ago: NAPALM DEATH record the second half of Scum

Daily Noise - / 2017

30 Years Ago: NAPALM DEATH record the second half of Scum

NAPALM DEATH recorded the second half of Scum during this month in 1987 at Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham.

The first half was recorded the previous August (1986) at Rich Bitch and originally intended for a split with ATAVISTIC.

Well, the old demo was a little out of date in terms of speed and songs that we have dropped. So me and Jus saved up to go back into a better studio and record the 12 songs, old & new, that we had. The result of the demo was very pleasing and our best effort yet, so we decided to send it off to different small labels with the hope of getting something put down on vinyl. Anyway, a couple of days later Jus had a letter from Shane at Manic Records saying that he wanted to release it as a split-LP with ATAVISTIC. Now we are waiting to hear from him to give us the go-ahead for an LP cover design etc. so I can't really say when it will be released.
- Mick Harris / Napalm Death interview, Phoenix Militia #7, 1987

The lineup changed almost completely in those few short months. From the first session with Nik "Napalm" Bullen, Justin Broadrick (soon after of GODFLESH) and Mick Harris, only Harris remained for the second. He was joined by Bill Steer (CARCASS), Jim Whitely and Lee Dorrian (CATHEDRAL and Rise Above Records).