30 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM (Chile) live at Manuel Plaza, Santiago

Cult Chilean thrash and early (POSSESSED style) death! Live on this day in 1987.
Picoroco Records released a compilation CD in 2000, the last two tracks are from this concert with slightly better sound from a tape recording.

The above song was "Profaner", below is "Fatal Predictions".

With "Fatal Predictions" we wanted to do a satanic waltz. We explored the 3/4 signature, which is the base of that type of music. Listen closely and you will see. We were always interested in the rhythm aspect, in working with forms of music that are in people's subconscious, but which they associate harmonically to other things, and I'm talking about cueca, about cumbia [traditional South American dances]. The one who would normally bring in those kind of ideas was Eduardo Topelberg. We would tune our guitars to E, because that was the traditional tuning of the acoustic guitar. There wasn't the concept of downtuning to sound more brutal, or of using thicker strings for a heavier sound. There weren't different gauges of strings, there was nothing.
- Excerpt from Pentagram - Legend of the South American Underground by Patricio Jara