30 Years Ago: RIPPING CORPSE record Death Warmed Over demo

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30 Years Ago: RIPPING CORPSE record Death Warmed Over demo

I would say we started out as speed metal went through the thrash zone and ended up at death metal with a touch of hardcore. We were with the first ones doing it. We were there from day one really, I remember when there wasn't a death metal, it was just heavy metal then speed and thrash metal growing into the heavier black and death metal.

RIPPING CORPSE recorded the Death Warmed Over demo during this month in 1987.

...it wasn't our first, but close to it. That demo was done in a home studio around us by a local couple in NJ Joe and Karla Crowley is about all I can remember there, but it was a decent little studio and they were very cool. It wasn't the greatest sound, but hey it was a start and a song actually got on the "Satan's Revenge" compilation. Scott was on Megaforce Records with THE BEAST ealier so he was in a very nice studio before this recoring. I also got to do a demo with THE BEAST in another place, so it wasn't the first but one of the first studio experiences.

We would sell them at shows and Scott did alot of mail orders. I did however send New Renaissance Records a letter and they wrote me back saying they wanted to use a song. I was so fucking happy I was like 15 or 16, to get a response after writing a letter was awesome. They put "The Unblessed" on the "Satan's Revenge" compilation.

...I wrote all the riffs, then Scott writes the lyrics, rest follow after. It's still like that now I always write the riffs then give the song to Scott. Drums and bass next. When Erik got in the band me and him started writing together as well. We would split up songs and sometimes just write our own. Definetly teamwork, but just in a different order. Same with the drums and bass they work from the riffs.
- Shaune Kelley / Ripping Corpse interview, Carnage, 2006