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30 Years Ago: ROTTING CORPSE record Neck Breaking Fury

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30 Years Ago: ROTTING CORPSE record Neck Breaking Fury

For instance this band Rotting Corpse consists of what I would call true metal fans. They've been into metal from it's early days. You know when Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Saxon, MSG etc. were the hardest you could find. Then you probably wonder why they've chosen such a cliche name when they've been in the business so long, well that was also explained in the letter. They are from Arlington, Texas and in that area you'll find a lot of lame false metal bands and they decided to use a name which would upset everyone of them and then I think it's up to yourself to judge is that's a good explanation.
...they're at the moment a 4 1/2-piece band?! Drummer Dave Gryder is on his way out of the band, but he'll continue playing with them until they've found a suitable replacement. I don't think it's because he is a bad drummer. I think he's doing a fine job, so I guess it's personal problems. The other members of Rotting Corpse are Jim Mulqueen - vocals, Walt Traschler - rhythm guitar, John Perez - lead guitar and Randy Cook - bass.

Blackthorn #5, 1987

Texas thrash! ROTTING CORPSE recorded their fourth and last demo, Neck Breaking Fury, on this day in 1990. The band hasn't recorded since, but continued to play live and in 2006 released a documentary, Circus of Fools.