30 Years Ago: THE STUPIDS record their second Peel session

Daily Noise - / 2017

30 Years Ago: THE STUPIDS record their second Peel session

The STUPIDS recorded their second session on this day in 1987, broadcast on the 27 May John Peel programme.

Nothing was planned, no pre-conceptions of any kind, just teenagers going nuts doing what we thought was cool and reacting to what we thought was cool. There have been a handful of moments in my life where "pop culture" - for want of a better term - just spins into overdrive and everything seems to come together all at the same time and you have total synergy. 1987 was one of those times. It was completely random that 3 dorks from Ipswich were being courted by the cream of society, from Big Audio Dynamite to David Bowie to Smash Hits centre spreads and NME front covers. It beggars belief - a bit like a Chauncey Gardener situation, but we didn't think about it for more than 30 seconds and thought it was a laugh a minute. I know it upset the old Vicars of the UK Hardcore scene at the time as it went against the punk rock rules, but we all seem to be able to have a civil conversation these days.
- Tommy Stupid, Caught in the Crossfire, 2014

Ipswich punk influenced by US hardcore, skate punk and some UK punk without the politics. Great session, Peel also re-played several songs from an earlier session by The Fall.

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