30 Years Ago: VOIVOD release Killing Technology 30 Years Ago: VOIVOD release Killing Technology

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30 Years Ago: VOIVOD release Killing Technology

"Killing Technology" lyrically will be a little more political though. We've never tried to side with one point of view but in the lyrics we like to tell people about nuclear war and polluting the atmosphere and stuff, and "Killing Technology" has quite a bit of that - "Over Reaction" for example is about the Chine Syndrome.
- Voivod interview, Metal Forces #21, 1986

VOIVOD released Killing Technology, their third LP, on this day in 1987.

The first album is VOIVOD waking up after a nuclear war. And then on the second album, we wanted to do a kind of evolution of the Voivod-story like: The Voivod becomes Korgul The Exterminator more technical, more complex so he represents exactly the style on the album. The album is more complex, more technical, 'cuz there's a big space in time between the 1st and 2nd because of thousands of problems with Metal Blade, our equipment stolen etc. When we put out the "Rrroooaaarrr" album, the songs were already old, and we were already more technical. And it's the same thing for the 3rd album. Korgul The Exterminator woke up after a disease, so he will have to enter space. The evolution of the album is the same as on the cover which will show the Voivod in space, and the music is like space metal...
Away / Voivod interview, Blackthorn #5, 1987