31 Years Ago: CORONER release Punishment for Decadence

Daily Noise - / 2019

31 Years Ago: CORONER release Punishment for Decadence

We didn't really ponder these things a lot, we just did what we loved doing. Back then we were still very ambicious in becoming the fastest playing, while simultaneously maintaining most possible technicality and musical complexity.

Ron Royce / Coroner interview, Agoraphobic News, 2016

CORONER released the second studio album, Punishment for Decadence, on this day in 1988.

Actually, it's pictured as well on Punishment For Decadence, on the original cover we got in Europe. You guys in the States got a different cover. That was a problem we had with the record company in that time. They just changed the cover. The original cover is from, uh, a French artist, and, uh, the record company was afraid that it wouldn't sell, because it doesn't look like heavy metal or something. And they did that, uh, very cliche-wise [cover]. And uh, we really hate when they just put out things, uh, which we don't like.

Marquis Marky / Coroner interview, Disposable Underground #3, 1991