31 Years Ago: FORBIDDEN release Forbidden Evil

Daily Noise - / 2019

31 Years Ago: FORBIDDEN release Forbidden Evil

With Forbidden, you had a band that was all over the map, and that chaos was Forbidden Evil. We didn't really know what we were trying to do. It was fast, this guy is singing (makes high falsetto voice) everywhere, what's going on? I listen to that album now, and I'm like, "Fuck, I've got to grab onto something because it's fucking chaos".

Craig Locicero / Forbidden interview, Invisible Oranges, 2011

FORBIDDEN released their debut LP on this day in 1988.

Although the first release by FORBIDDEN, much of the material dates back to the earliest demos of FORBIDDEN EVIL. Those 1985-1986 demos include the songs "Forbidden Evil" and "Chalice of Blood". Founding guitarist Robb Flynn left to join VIO-LENCE in 1987 while FORBIDDEN EVIL continued to demo the songs "As Good as Dead", "Follow Me" and "March into Fire".