31 Years Ago: MAYHEM release Deathcrush

Daily Noise - / 2018

31 Years Ago: MAYHEM release Deathcrush

MAYHEM released their legendary Norwegian extreme metal classic Deathcrush on this day in 1987.

Mayhem Deathcrush original flyer

As time went by they were looking for a new singer, and the choose fell on the ultimate Maniac, namely Maniac! His voice is total splattering chainsawcore. The new MAYHEM trax is so incredible good! Real hellpaces Death Metal! Their music is like a razor blade ripping you up from the inside!!! And when you have listened to this for a while you feels like you want to puke up your ownt gutts and eat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAST SPAST! They got one really doomy sludging ripping track in the form of "Chainsaw Guttsfuck" but the rest of their material is TOTAL DEATH SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the big newz now is that they will release an mini lp called "DEATHCRUSH"! Calm down, they ain't being signed by any labels, but it will be released on their very own POSERCORPSE MUSIC INC. label. The trax on this lp (mini) will be the same as on the dem! And there is no change that you can fin on this lp in your local reccord shop! The only way to get it is to order it from MAYHEM! Nobody else sell it...... I think MAYHEM is one of the best bands ever, so please support them!
- Slayer #5, 1987

Mayhem Deathcrush original pricelist
Euronymous and Peso (Necrodeath)