31 Years Ago: PESTILENCE release Malleus Maleficarum

Daily Noise - / 2019

31 Years Ago: PESTILENCE release Malleus Maleficarum

We have just completed 3 new songs: "Extreme Undion", "Subordinte To The Domination" and "Hatred In One". One song is an up tempo song, the other is again ultra fast. The fastest song we made a this time!!

Patrick Mameli / Pestilence interview, Decibel of Death #9, 1987

PESTILENCE released their debut album on this day in 1988.

The thing with [producer] Kalle Trapp is that he had this DESTRUCTION sound in his head all the time and that's also how the sound on "Maleus Maleficarum" turned out. And that's a pity because that's absolutely not our sound, our sound was much more raw. But you're under pressure because you have to record the album in a very short time, the record-company books a studio and a producer for you, we didn't have much to say in that, all that comes together... The cooperation with Kalle was OK but it was a producer who had certain ideas and it had to be done that way, you know ... We were still very young, what did we know? Later on, we got more experienced and things like that didn't happen anymore...

Martin Van Drunen / Pestilence interview, Voices from the Darkside