31 Years Ago: VIO-LENCE complete their second demo

Daily Noise - / 2017

31 Years Ago: VIO-LENCE complete their second demo

We're influenced by a lot of stuff. Sean listens to a lot of Alice Cooper and stuff like that. Slayer. Me and Phil basically listen to anything and everything. We listen to everything, from all boundaries of music. Deen listens to DK's. We all pretty much listen to the same stuff. Sex Pistols, you know. Lot of punk. Lot of metal. Whatever. Even Guns N' Roses ain't half that bad.
- Robb Flynn / VIO-LENCE interview, Out of the Underground #1, 1989

Recorded in late July but not mixed until this day in November 1986.

"This pre-"Eternal Nightmare" demo from 1986 is a prize for 2 reasons: not only does it contain the original-lyric version of "Bodies On Bodies" (It was decided that some lyrics were too "controversial", so select lines were altered for the album), but the demo also features the track "Paraplegic", deemed altogether too controversial for inclusion on their debut album. Sean often doubled his vocals for an eerie effect. Two different versions of this demo exist, as Sean re-recorded the vocals." - from the old official website

This is the first recording with Sean Killian on vocals. Troy Fua is one of the guitarists. Fast-forward sufficiently and get to a hidden track: "Gutterslut" live from 1985, the Eastern Front compilation track.
- VIO-LENCE fan site discography