32 Years Ago: BULLDOZER release The Day of Wrath 32 Years Ago: BULLDOZER release The Day of Wrath

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32 Years Ago: BULLDOZER release The Day of Wrath

We always write about our real experiences. We never invented an honour story or a satanic rite. That's why we're not a "Black Metal" band. "The Exorcism" is a real personal story, and that goes for the other songs - they're real experiences that we (or I) happen to live through.
- AC Wild / Bulldozer interview, Pheonix Militia #3, 1986

These days it's out of total respect to cite BULLDOZER as a "first wave" black metal band. At the time they were probably bored of the VENOM comparison, which I suspect is the reason for the above statement.

Some people (a few, anyway) said we are Venom clones; well, they had better go to church to pray to the virgin, or otherwise just switch to a Duran Duran sound. We respect Venom (they invented a new kind of music) but we talk about our experiences, and we compose our own music. We don't copy anyway. We're artists and not posers or anti-posers - we're not stars or anti-stars. Some guys understand our music; that's what we want. The rest has no importance.
- AC Wild / Bulldozer interview, Pheonix Militia #3, 1986

Few bands made anti-christian extreme heavy (black!) metal like BULLDOZER, and they did it right through the second half of the 80s!

Their debut LP, The Day of Wrath, was released on this day in 1985. The band signed to Roadrunner Europe after sending a copy of the self-released Fallen Angel 7" (1984). The Day of Wrath was produced by TANK's Algy Ward.

Roadrunner proposed us Algy, but I wanted King Diamond, so we asked Roadrunner to ask King, but he said we were too punk.
- Andy Panigada / Bulldozer interview, Voices from the Darkside

The band hadn't met TANK before, but did like Fast Eddie Clarke's production on their Filth Hounds of Hades LP. Recording took place at Psycho Studios, Milano.

Hate the law of preachers
Scorn the light
Hunters of the graveyards
Join the fight
Stupid priests die!
Good on fire!