32 Years Ago: DEATH rehearse for Leprosy

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32 Years Ago: DEATH rehearse for Leprosy

We were constantly working on new songs when we were in the rehearsal room or when we were on tour. I still remember that we went to the Morrisound in April 1988. And that everything was put on tape in just a few weeks. All the songs were already almost completely worked out in advance, we were very well prepared. It also did not make much sense to really re-arrange them. We knew the new songs already really well by the time we went to the studio, because we had already played them many times live. There was a lot of positive energy in the band. We are all looking forward to it and we really wanted to prove ourselves.

Rick Rozz / Death interview, Voices from the Darkside, 2014

DEATH were rehearsing material for their second album, Leprosy, on this day in 1987. Four songs from this rehearsal, plus six more from December that year, are included as bonus tracks on recent reissues of Leprosy.

All three songs were recorded for the album at Morrisound in April 1988.

Death interview, New York, 13 December 1988 (Leprosy Tour)