32 Years Ago: GG Allin records You Give Love a Bad Name 32 Years Ago: GG Allin records You Give Love a Bad Name

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32 Years Ago: GG Allin records You Give Love a Bad Name

They want me in a studio, but it ain't gonna change a thing. I'm not selling out, no fucking way. It'll still be a scum fucking record.

GG Allin interview, Noise Noise Noise, 1987

GG ALLIN and an assemblage of session members known as The Holy Men - Gerard Cosloy (owner of Homestead Records, Allin's label), Mike Kirkland (PRONG), Greg Bullock and Mike Edison (RAUNCH HANDS) - recorded the material for his fourth album on this day in 1987.

All ten songs from the original LP were recorded on this date, later CD reissues include bonus tracks from 1991.

Most songs are GG originals, but there are two covers: Charlie Manson's "Garbage Dump", first released on Lie, and "Beer Picnic" which was written by short-lived New York punk group BAD TUNA EXPERIENCE. The original version was recorded in 1984, you can listen to "Beer Picnic" and three other songs from the same session ("He's a Slut" is another great one) on the website of vocalist Carolyn.

Bad Tuna Experience - Beer Picnic (Live 1986)

Original press release from New York label Homestead Records:

If you haven't heard of GG Allin, consider yourself lucky. He's the self-styled New Hampshire wildman of rock, an admittedly brain-damaged individual who lives solely for drugs and cheap sex. GG Allin has been terrorizing audiences from coast-to-coast for close to nine years, with no established record label ever being foolish enough to get near him. His live performances (which rarely last more than 15 minutes and are banned in many regions anyway) are without a doubt the most violent & disgusting the staff of this label have ever witnessed. Masturbation, attempted rape, shooting-up and wrist slashing are staples of any GG Allin gig, not to mention the unbelievable amount of physical abuse Mr. Allin inflicts upon himself. Rarely will a GG Allin show end without the singer (and occas. some audience members) leaving the venue bloody and battered. It was the label's intent to transfer this in-concerto ambience to the recording studio for GG's first LP of new material in over 4 years. Famous musicians participating included Mike Edison of Sharkey's Machine on drums, Mike Kirkland of Prong on bass, Greg Bullock (ex-Teenage Depression) on guitar and Gerard Cosloy (formerly of Venom) on guitar.