32 Years Ago: MASTER re-form and rehearse (US Death Metal)

Daily Noise - / 2017

32 Years Ago: MASTER re-form and rehearse (US Death Metal)

The band [DEATH STRIKE] existed for a few months and ended rather abruptly after Bill Schmidt came into the fold in July of 1985 and we were once again Master.
- Paul Speckmann / Master interview, Metal-Rules, 2011

A month later, August 1985, MASTER recorded this rehearsal.

Master complete 1985 rehearsal demo

In October they recorded what should have been their debut album for Combat. Various issues meant the release never happened and MASTER split.

There was only 1 demo, a few rough mixes and a few rehearsal tapes that Troy Dixler of the band Sindrome recorded and distributed without the bands permission which Evil Chuck has a copy of and which I'm sure he was influenced by. There weren't any titles for any of the tapes including the demo. The songs that appear on the forthcoming debut LP from Master are the original songs excluding one special Master suprise that I'm sure will be a classic. They were available to the public in 1985 which include all the original members.
- Paul Specklmann / Master interview, Uni-Force #7, 1990

Between 1985 and 1990 Speckmann formed a few bands including ABOMINATION and FUNERAL BITCH (1987-1988). FUNERAL BITCH recorded two demos and both are collected on The Demos CD.

In 1990 MASTER returned with the same lineup as this rehearsal and released the classic self-titled album.