32 Years Ago: SABBAT live in Osaka

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32 Years Ago: SABBAT live in Osaka

Japan's SABBAT live on this day in 1987 at YANTA鹿鳴館, Osaka, Japan.

YANTA鹿鳴館 was a heavy metal club in Nishikujō, Osaka which opened in 1985. The location still exists and is now known as 西九条BRAND NEW.

Sabbat - The Curse of Hamagrism: Hamaguri Mythology

This gig has been released a couple of times as part of video compilations: The Curse of Hamagrism - Hamaguri Mythology (VHS) in 2003 and livEvil (DVD) in 2014.

The above video is The Curse of Hamagrism..., skipped to the correct gig (about 23 minutes in), but be sure to rewind and watch the whole thing which includes even earlier footage!