32 Years Ago: SEPULTURA record Bestial Devastation

Daily Noise - / 2017

32 Years Ago: SEPULTURA record Bestial Devastation

Este disco e dedicado á todos fans de death metal do mundo

We were freaking out because it was the first time ever we were gonna walk in the studio. I wasn't even used to playing a real drum set-mine was totally fucked up, really primitive-I didn't even use my feet on the song "Antichrist." The guy who recorded us, he never heard anything like Sepultura before. He used to do country music and popular Brazilian music, so he was also freaked out about working with these really young kids who were going off and playing this crazy music.
...he wanted to clean everything up in the mix and we finally had to play him some records by Venom to show him that bands sounded this way.
- Igor (Skullcrusher) Cavalera, Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation liner notes

Recorded and mixed over two days at J.G. Estudio, Belo Horizonte in August 1985, Bestial Devastation - the debut for SEPULTURA and their label Cogumelo - was originally released as a split with OVERDOSE (Século XX).

SEPULTURA / OVERDOSE split LP launch show flyer, 19 April 1986:

Almost exactly one year later SEPULTURA entered Estudio Vice Versa to record Morbid Visions!